Let's change our perspective!

For 2024, Interclima is inviting its stakeholders  to change perspective with a view to tackling the many challenges we face today. The purpose of this theme is to promote a proactive spirit at the show, with a focus on seeking solutions.

Let’s change our perspective. Let’s take a step back and study in detail the challenges facing the sector.

Interclima will use four key areas – Adaptation, Innovation, People, Local governments – as a framework for getting to grips with the changes we’re currently witnessing. 

The Interclima Universe

Heating and domestic hot water


Eco-responsible solutions for summer comfort


Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Fluids, hydraulics, network control and transmitters

Who exhibits

Material & solution manufacturers & suppliers


  • Renewable energies
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Generators, hot and cold water production systems
  • Thermal comfort, water distribution, regulation and control

Professional and institutional organizations

  • Certification, environmental labels
  • Public & institutional establishments
  • Associations, NGOs, clusters, unions and foundations
  • Education, training or recruitment organizations  

Service companies


  • Financing, banks and insurance
  • Certified diagnosticians
  • Consulting & low carbon engineering
  • EWC system and agents


Who visits

Professionals in construction, building, architecture and urban planning


  • Implementation, installation (craftsmen, contractors, installers, etc.)
  • Project management, prescription, technical building design
  • Project management, individual houses construction, real estate programs

Manufacturing, trading and
distribution professionals

  • Material manufactures, equipments, for construction or for the building
  • Trade or distribution of equipment and materials 



Associations, service organizations
and local actors

  • The local communities and authorities
  • Engineering and architecture students, apprentices, compagnons, craftmen
  • Associations, unions and service companies  

An event that plays its part in decarbonisation!


The building and construction sector emits 145Mt of CO2e a year. Together with transportations, our sector is the main emitter of CO2 and is therefore a key priority if France’s decarbonisation strategy is to succeed!

Conscious of the environmental and societal challenges to which we must respond collectively, Interclima is committed to a long-term strategy aiming to reduce its impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity as much as possible.