From the 30th september to the 3rd october 2024
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles


Interclima has been France’s long-standing air conditioning trade show for 50 years, but it also enjoys an international reach. As part of the wider Mondial du bâtiment event, Interclima is the place to be for heating and air conditioning equipment of all sizes for all types of buildings and markets, both new-build and renovation projects:  

> Offices and industrial buildings (VRFs, chilled water systems, roof-top systems, energy storage, condensing boilers, wood biomass boilers, hot water production systems, water-source heat pumps, air treatment units, forced air heating systems, textile ducts, air ducts, etc.)  

> Appartment blocks (medium and high-power boilers, solar thermal, single- and double-flow mechanical ventilation systems, individual flat stations, hot water preparation systems, radiators, underfloor heating, etc.)  

> Individual family homes (heat pumps, wall-mounted gas-fired boilers, immersion tanks, underfloor heating, radiators, etc.)

> Cooling, with a focus on refrigerant fluids for heat pumps and air-conditioning.

Heating and domestic hot water

Technologies are evolving rapidly against a backdrop of climate change and energy transition, and in line with France’s new RE2020 environmental regulations Alongside the efficient and eco-friendly evolution of existing technologies, renewable energies produce the domestic hot water and heating required for low-carbon energy buildings and are also being used in renovations. Biomass-fired boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, green gas boilers and energy recovery offer a wide range of solutions for particular building types or configurations.

Eco-responsible solutions for summer comfort

Climate change is happening, and seasons are becoming increasingly warmer. Single- or double-flow cooling and ventilation equipment offers efficient environmentally-responsible solutions to ensure year-round comfort. Technologies now prioritise free-cooling systems, energy recovery and energy optimisation as part of carefully designed and dimensioned installations. It’s far better to plan these developments with an eco-responsible approach than to leave everyone scrabbling around for low-quality summer comfort solutions that devour energy to little effect and have uncontrolled carbon footprints - and that’s without even considering the potential safety risks to occupants.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

With climate change often increasing the concentration of airborne pollutants and following the COVID-19 lockdowns, awareness of the challenges surrounding indoor air quality in buildings has risen considerably. This is a public health issue and will once again be a major theme at Interclima 2021. Ventilation, filtration and air distribution systems are central to the show. With buildings becoming increasingly airtight, this is something that can no longer be left to chance. The big names in these sectors will present their technologies for both new-build and renovations, as well as commercial buildings, multi-occupancy housing and private homes.

Fluids, hydraulics, network control and transmitters

However efficient they may appear on paper, the actual performance of generators is dependent on the associated distribution networks being effectively designed, dimensioned, controlled and managed, with appropriate transmitters. Interclima brings together all the necessary technologies: radiators, low-temperature floors and walls, hydraulic balancing, valves, regulators, water treatment for heating circuits, fittings, anti-legionella systems and more - all offering great energy savings.



The Interclima newsletter offers all the latest industry developments, previews of the latest innovations for the 2022 show and much more!


Innovation and performance area

By the entrance to Hall 3 in the heart of the “air conditioning” sector, don’t miss this immersive demonstration area. It offers a great opportunity for clients to discover air-conditioning solutions and technologies.

Business and Recruitment Area

A dynamic program to connect professionals in the HVAC engineering sector and young people in training. Actions to communicate before the show. 

Biomass Boilers Area

This area is supported by the SFCB trade body and aims to present and promote the range of offerings available on the market. Biomass heating solutions account for over 60% of renewable heat sources in France and are vital for meeting French renewables and greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets. When used with high-performance boilers, biomass guarantees air quality.