“A strong industry needs a strong trade show that develops and evolves with our changing world, changing technologies and  changing expectations among visitors and exhibitors. Interclima is getting a new lease of life in 2019. The event has to meet client needs and showcase new construction products for office buildings, housing projects and family homes, as well as bring the whole profession together.” 


François Frisquet, President, Uniclima


An Innovation and Performance Area presenting innovative technical solutions. A skills and professional development cluster focusing on training and employment. Targeted conference programmes for various professions: social housing, real estate development, home building, etc. Tailored exhibition tours and many more activities! 




A monthly tour to more than 8 French cities to meet key trade bodies and distributors50 buses and 3 trains booked to provide free transport to and from Villepinte for around 4000 visitors, a sociable way to start and finish the show!