30 September - 3 October 2024
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

Interclima 2024
Let's change our perspective!

The trade show for comfort and
energy efficiency  

Discover the exhibitors taking part in the 2024 edition!

What is Interclima?

All designers and installation companies meet here to be inspired and choose the innovative solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow. This is the perfect space to create more economical and comfortable buildings.

Who exhibits

Material & solution manufacturers & suppliers


  • Renewable energies
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Generators, hot and cold water production systems
  • Thermal comfort, water distribution, regulation and control

Professional and institutional organizations

  • Certification, environmental labels
  • Public & institutional establishments
  • Associations, NGOs, clusters, unions and foundations
  • Education, training or recruitment organizations  

Service companies

  • Financing, banks and insurance
  • Certified diagnosticians
  • Consulting & low carbon engineering
  • EWC system and agents



Who visits

Professionals in construction, building, architecture and urban planning


  • Implementation, installation (craftsmen, contractors, installers, etc.)
  • Project management, prescription, technical building design
  • Project management, individual houses construction, real estate programs

Manufacturing, trading and
distribution professionals

  • Material manufactures, equipments, for construction or for the building
  • Trade or distribution of equipment and materials 



Associations, service organizations
and local actors

  • The local communities and authorities
  • Engineering and architecture students, apprentices, compagnons, craftmen
  • Associations, unions and service companies  



An event that plays its part in decarbonisation!


The building and construction sector emits 145Mt of CO2e a year. Together with transportations, our sector is the main emitter of CO2 and is therefore a key priority if France’s decarbonisation strategy is to succeed!

Conscious of the environmental and societal challenges to which we must respond collectively, Interclima is committed to a long-term strategy aiming to reduce its impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity as much as possible.

Interclima, the trade show of Uniclima and the HVAC industry

Welcome to the Interclima Show. Now, be YOU.

At RX’s Interclima Show, everyone belongs. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated. Our exhibitors, attendees, partners and event colleagues are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who make our shows stronger and our collective experience richer. Now, be YOU.