The show

  • Interclima, the comfort and energy efficiency trade show

    Interclima has been France’s long-standing air conditioning trade show for 50 years, but it also enjoys an international reach. As part of the wider Mondial du bâtiment event, Interclima is the place to be for heating and air conditioning equipment of all sizes for all types of buildings and markets, both new-build and renovation projects:

    Tertiary and industrial

    Offices and industrial buildings (VRFs, chilled water systems, roof-top systems, energy storage, condensing boilers, wood biomass boilers, hot water production systems, water-source heat pumps, air treatment units, forced air heating systems, textile ducts, air ducts, etc.)

    Collective housing

    Appartment blocks (medium and high-power boilers, solar thermal, single- and double-flow mechanical ventilation systems, individual flat stations, hot water preparation systems, radiators, underfloor heating, etc.)

    Individual Houses

    Individual family homes (heat pumps, wall-mounted gas-fired boilers, immersion tanks, underfloor heating, radiators, etc.) Cooling, with a focus on refrigerant fluids for heat pumps and air-conditioning.


  • Bloc - Thématiques (slider)

    • Greener buildings: reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions!

      Greener buildings: reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions!

      By 2050, world energy demand will double. Building new nuclear plants won’t be enough to meet demand or offset the decrease in fossil fuel resources. At the same time, authorities have taken measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half to limit global warming. What kinds of efficient solutions are out there to make the energy transition towards a low-carbon society? How do you improve comfort while reducing energy needs? How can you deliver the same service with less energy? How do you use zero carbon energies?

    • Growth in renewable energies: biomass, heat pumps, solar thermal energy, etc.

      Growth in renewable energies: biomass, heat pumps, solar thermal energy, etc.

      Renewable energies come in various forms, from the dynamic force of water and wind, to solar and geothermal energy, heat from wood and other biomass resources, along with plant fuel and waste recycling. Their development is crucial in the face of growing energy demand, the potential depletion of fossil fuel resources and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Indoor air quality

      La qualité de l’air intérieur

      The development of buildings with high environmental and energy performance poses a double challenge. It means cutting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by limiting energy waste from poor ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality. What kinds of new solutions are available?

    • Smart solutions and connectivity

      Smart solutions and connectivity

      Connectivity, network architecture, equipment and service interoperability, the development of these services, digital security and sustainable management: what are the real challenges affecting the sector?

    • Training, employment and recruitment

      Training, employment and recruitment

      Air conditioning and energy professionals are counting on innovations in energy transition, home automation and renewable energies to attract young people to the sector. Trades professionals and employees also need training in new technologies.


  • Interclima is organised into 3 clearly defined trades to facilitate your visit and help you find exhibitors, materials and solutions

  • Heating & hot water

    This area is for products and technologies use for optimising heating and hot water systems. With the increased focus on energy transition and renewables over the coming years, the comprehensive range of solutions on offer in this hall will help in meeting energy-saving and comfort objectives, for higher-performance, increasingly desirable buildings.

    Air conditioning, cooling, ventilation & air quality

    This area is for products, technologies, tools and smart solutions, whose aim is to achieve excellent levels of performance in energy consumption, comfort and reducing carbon footprint. Manufacturers in this area will present innovative solutions to:
    ► Meet the requirements of thermal performance regulations
    ► Offer equipment that uses the latest generation of refrigerants
    ► Guarantee air quality and comfortable temperatures for users

    Pumps, valves, water treatment & technical solutions

    This area will feature water flow equipment manufacturers, whose products are essential to many applications such as water distribution, wastewater or drinking water treatment and process industries.


  • Innovation and performance area

    By the entrance to Hall 2 in the heart of the “air conditioning” sector, don’t miss this immersive demonstration area. It offers a great opportunity for clients to discover air-conditioning solutions and technologies.

    Refrigerants village

    The REFRIGERANTS Village focuses on new fluids, from good handling practices to specialist tools, from certification bodies to energy performance, recovery and recycling (circular economy).
    Refrigerant fluids are at the heart of technological developments focusing on climate change and sustainable development and enhancing energy performance.

    Biomass Boilers Area

    This area is supported by the SFCB trade body and aims to present and promote the range of offerings available on the market. Biomass heating solutions account for over 60% of renewable heat sources in France and are vital for meeting French renewables and greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets. When used with high-performance boilers, biomass guarantees air quality.


  • Interclima has a bus service from numerous French cities 2 - 3 hours from Parc Des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, as well as shuttle buses from central Paris and Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. These services are completely FREE for the whole duration of the trade show.

  • Bus service - Batimat

    A unique bus service !

    This exceptional offer gives fitters and entrepreneurs from outside Paris a practical and fun return trip on a specific day. Distributors and trade organisations can enjoy free bus transport for groups coming to the Batimat exhibition. Complete the form below to apply.

    Free shuttle buses Batimat

    Free shuttle buses services

    Interclima is looking out for you, with a shuttle bus service from Gare Montparnasse, Gare de Lyon and Gare du Nord train stations, Porte Dauphine and Charles de Gaulle Airport. Shuttle bus departure times and locations coming soon.